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The Oberaigner Group

The Oberaigner group of companies has increased greatly in size in the past few years. 

The companies in the Oberaigner Group are:

  • Oberaigner Automotive GmbH located in Laage (Germany)
  • Oberaigner Blechtechnik GmbH located in Ottnang (Austria)
  • Oberaigner Powertrain GmbH located in Nebelberg (Austria)

The Group also has a car dealership in Upper Austria. Here we primarily market Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Company philosophy

A particular company philosophy and common values that govern our daily dealings lie behind the many years of success of our company - be it in Austria, where Oberaigner has its origins, or in our subsidiary in Germany.

The Oberaigner group of companies is growing all the time

At the moment we have 3 facilities in our network. The intensive interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge of our employees and the rapid implementation of innovations guarantee our customers high quality and life-long satisfaction with our all-wheel drive conversions and the components developed in-house.

Excellent connection into the traffic network (road, rail, water, and air) ensures the transport of your vehicle worldwide.

An overview of our values

Responsibility for the family, employees, products, and the environment

Uncompromising quality

Living the innovation, thinking ahead

Growth from technical edge and quality

Diversity in the automotive sector

These three strategic business units are subsections of the complex Oberaigner Group. We exploit and reinforce our core competences in the field of automobiles and generate synergies with these business areas.

Series business

Order processing and production of all-wheel drive systems, transmissions, and other components of the drive train for small and large series production.

In-house and special developments

Development and manufacturing of:

  • Reduction gear units and deflection gearboxes
  • Differential locks
  • Additional transfer case variants

All-wheel drive converter

Conversion of vehicles to all-wheel drive and provision of all-wheel drive variants not offered by Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Nissan, Volkswagen and MAN.

Vehicle manufacturer

In-house vehicle manufacturer of the Oberaigner 6x6, based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

A car dealership for the Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep brands in Upper Austria.


Volkswagen Crafter 4x4/MAN TGE 4x4

Market launch, development and manufacture


Oberaigner 6x6

Vehicle manufacturer of the Oberaigner 6x6 heavy-duty transporter, based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

4x4 for Renault Master, Renault-Trucks Master, Opel Movano, Nissan NV400

Market launch, development and manufacture (factory all-wheel drive)


Assembly facility Laage

Founding of Oberaigner Automotive GmbH: Assembly of all-wheel drive vehicles and axles


Volkswagen Crafter

Conversion all-wheel drive, differential locks, off-road reduction gearboxes

Mercedes-Benz G Class 6x6

Development of the 6x6 drive shaft axle for Magna/Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NCV3

Development and manufacturing of all-wheel drive (“factory all-wheel drive”)

Mercedes-Benz Vito/Viano

Development and manufacturing of all-wheel drive (“factory all-wheel drive”)

Manufacturing facility Nebelberg

Founding of Oberaigner Powertrain GmbH: Series production and installation of transfer cases and front axle final drives


Mercedes-Benz T1N

Development and manufacturing of all-wheel drive (“factory all-wheel drive”); Special developments

Mercedes-Benz MB100

Development and manufacturing of all-wheel drive


Company expansion

Construction of a new office block in Rohrbach (workshop & vehicle technology)

Mercedes-Benz T1

Development and manufacture of rear axle differential locks & all-wheel drive

Foundation in Rohrbach (Austria)

Mercedes-Benz sales facility with associated jobbing workshop