Development at the highest level

Quality and performance are the main thing.

Oberaigner shows decades of experience and know-how in the sections of gearboxes, axles, automotive components, systems and assembly kits but also in the progress of complete vehicles, which are produced in smallest- and small-scale series.

Our skills are particularly in the construction of drive trains for vehicles including the axles and axle mounting, especially in the section of all-wheel technology and special-gearboxes for special applications.

Oberaigner is a supplier for the automotive industry over years now, certified to ISO/TS 16949. Through a steady advancement of our management- and QS-system, we can ensure proper performance for our own developments but also for our clients, because of modern facilities and techniques. Our performance portfolio in the development section includes:

Feasibility survey

  • installation space
  • design
  • function
  • dates
  • profitability

Research projects

  • in cooperation with established research facilities and institutes
  • innovative Solutions through up-to-date techniques and materials

Whole project implementation

  • planning
  • project management
  • coordination

Detailed design up to the series maturity

  • constructing 2D & 3D with CATIA v5 (other systems on demand)
  • digital mockup (DMU)
  • calculations of the driving dynamics
  • stress analysis
  • special programs to dimension the powertrain
  • special gearing calculation
  • analysing the tolerances
  • PMU (physical mockup)
  • NVH (noise, vibration, harshness)
  • optimizing weight, material and techniques
  • cost optimisation


Oberaigner already brought many components and vehicles to series maturity because of it's know-how in the prototyping sector. With our modern production plants and assembly facilities plus our own measuring room including a testing bench, we are able to produce prototypes rapidly and flexible. These prototypes are tested and optimized currently till they reach series maturity.

Measurements and Tests

  • components, aggregates and modules are proved at a testing bench
  • endurance testing
  • road with bad condition
  • off-road
  • summer, winter
  • special tests according to the requirements

Preparation of

  • understandable and efficient documentations
  • spare parts list
  • operation and servicing manual
  • repair instruction

All components, aggregates, systems and vehicles developed by the company Oberaigner, pass through different tests and provings, until they comply to the latest standards of the automotive industry, or to the requirements of our clients.  We always work close together with our customers, but also with competent service providers, partners and scientific institutions while the testing phase, so we are able to give our clients the best and safest product.