The off-road version from Oberaigner

When one drive axle is not enough for a van, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 from Oberaigner comes into its own. The Sprinter is equipped with a four-wheel drive developed in-house for every application, as well as the tried and tested high-volume technology from Mercedes-Benz. Our vehicles are suitable for everyone who wants to travel safely off-road or in poor driving conditions. The four-wheel drive from Oberaigner is available for numerous Sprinter models.       
Oberaigner can convert both the series Sprinter and the standard production Mercedes-Benz all-wheel drive to a permanent four-wheel drive.

We market our products all over the world, which is why we can offer you national configurations for your vehicle (for example, different emission standards).

Converting the series 4x2 vehicle.

The drive technology of the series 4x2 vehicle can be expanded by a selectable or permanent four-wheel drive and by two reduction stages (one gear for especially slow driving off-road and one for travel with heavy loads or on gradients). Optionally, up to three mechanical differential locks (longitudinal, front and rear differential locks) can be installed.

Thanks to the particularly lightweight and compact four-wheel drive system, the increased weight (135 kg for the 3.5 tonne or 105 kg for the 4.6 or 5 tonne vehicle) and the extra ride height (120 mm at the front; 45 to 80 mm at the rear, depending on the tonnage) is kept to a minimum. Moreover, control of the vehicle dynamics by ESP and ABS is maintained during normal operation. The ESP is only temporarily disabled by active locking.

Converting the selectable series 4 x 4.

The drive technology of the manually selectable four-wheel vehicle is offered with a permanent four-wheel drive, and optionally with a higher gear reduction ratio of 1:2.85 (the factory reduction ratio setting is 1:1.42). In this conversion, up to three differential locks and a reduction gear unit can be optionally integrated into the drive train.




selectable or permanent four-wheel drive with Adaptive ESP and electronic traction control system 4ETS

mechanically engaged inter-axle and inter-wheel differential lock

optimal cross-country tyres

Euro 3/4/5- engines for worldwide application

upgrade for existing Sprinter-models

off-road transfer