Short introduction

The Oberaigner Powertrain GmbH, located in Nebelberg (Austria) near to the German border, opened it's doors in February 2002.

This has become necessary since the old company domicile in Rohrbach was to small for the groth of business. At this point, also the legal seperation between the business fields of all-wheel technology and Mercedes-Benz contracting garage happened.

The factory in Nebelberg, with an area of 6.500 m², includes manufactoring and assembly halls, a storing place and an administrative building. Also offroad test runs are possible at the extensive company site.  

The product quality and the business success get approved once more by the following results:

  • export rate over 90%
  • worldwide use of our products under all climatic conditions
  • long-standing partnership with major automobile manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Opel, Nissan, Volkswagen.