Nissan NV400 4x4

The perfect companion on rugged terrain.

Snow-covered roads, damp fields, gravel, and mud – with the Nissan NV400 4x4, you simply go further. Thanks to decades of experience in high-volume all-wheel drive systems, Oberaigner has developed a powerful selectable four-wheel drive concept for the Nissan NV400. The 4x4 four-wheel drive from Oberaigner is available for many Nissan models (manual transmission) with rear-wheel drive.

Moving forward at the push of a button.

The drive technology of the series vehicle can be expanded by a selectable or permanent four-wheel drive and by a 1:1.42 reduction stage (one gear for especially slow driving off-road and one for travel with heavy loads or on gradients). A panel developed by Oberaigner in the cockpit of the Nissan NV 4x4 activates these transmission components with a simple push of a button.

A high level of development .

Because of its particularly light and compact four-wheel drive system, the increased weight of the vehicle (195 kg more) and the extra ride height (65 mm at the front and rear) are kept to a minimum. The benefits are a large payload and excellent driving characteristics. Moreover, control of the vehicle dynamics by ESP and ABS is maintained during normal operation.