Current affaires

1977Foundation in Rohrbach (Austria) Mercedes-Benz point of sale plus contracting
1981Mercedes-Benz T1Development and production rear axle differential
1983Company expansionNew company building (workshop & automotive engineering)
1988Mercedes-Benz MB 100Development and production all-wheel drive
1995Mercedes-Benz Sprinter T1NDevelopment and production all-wheel drive („ex work all-wheel drive“); special developments

Production site NebelbergFoundation of Oberaigner Powertrain GmbH – serial production and assembling of different gearboxes
2003Mercedes-Benz Vito/VianoDevelopment and production all-wheel drive („ex work all-wheel drive“)
2006Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NCV3Development and production all-wheel drive („ex work all-wheel drive“)
2009Mercedes-Benz G-Class 6x6Development of the 6x6 drive-through axle for Magna/Mercedes-Benz
2010Volkswagen CrafterRetrofitting all-wheel drive, differential lock,  offroad gear reduction

Assembly plant
Foundation of Oberaigner Automotive GmbH - assembling of all-wheel drive vehicles and axles
2012Renault Master/Opel MovanoIntroduction to the market, development and production
2012Oberaigner 6x6Vehicle manufacturer of the heavy-duty transporter Oberaigner 6x6 based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter