Oberaigner 6x6, based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter until model 2017

Taking manoeuvrability and strength as far as they will go.

With the 6x6, Oberaigner is closing the gap in the seven-tonne light van market segment. Oberaigner has developed a unique vehicle with a payload of up to four tonnes, extremely high traction, and the use of high-volume technology from Mercedes-Benz. Applications that call for manoeuvrability and enormous load-bearing capacity, such as rescue operations, firefighting, military, police, local authorities, supply utilities, expeditions and mobile homes, now have a reliable partner for their missions.

The vehicle employs a fundamentally new drive concept. The patented asymmetric double-pendulum rear axle suspension guarantees that the Oberaigner 6x6 redefines manoeuvrability and off-road performance in this segment. The reinforced frame permits a uniquely enormous payload.

We market our products all over the world, which is why we can offer you national configurations for your vehicle (for example, different emission standards).




increased payload up to 4.000kg

greatly reduced frame distortion due to the double pendulum suspension

maximum traction due to 3 drive-axels and up to 5 differential locks

Increased stability due to wide track

increase fording depth up to 600mm