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Volkswagen Crafter

Highest driving comfort - even off-road

Snow-covered roads, wet meadows, gravel, mud - the Crafter 4x4 just gets you there. Oberaigner developed a powerful all-wheel drive concept for the Volkswagen Crafter, based on their decades of experience in the field of large-scale series production of all-wheel drive systems. The Oberaigner all-wheel drive is available for all the rear-wheel drive variants of the Volkswagen Crafter between 5.0 and 5.5 tons.

Making progress - made easy

The permanent all-wheel drive solution does not involve an increase in height, and adds just 130 kg to the weight. This is a clear benefit for personnel transporters and ambulances, since the step-up for entry is no higher than normal, whilst the payload is not reduced to any great extent.

Development at a high level

A Torsen differential on the transfer case provides a load-dependent power split between the axles, which means: If the traction becomes less on one axle, more torque is automatically directed to the other axle - entirely mechanically and without delay! Individual wheel slip is also counteracted with electronic brake interventions.

Further information

The technical data sheet is a brief overview of the product and its features. Our sales department would be pleased to answer any other technical questions you may have.

Download data sheet

Purchasing procedure new vehicles

The current non-binding delivery period from delivery of the base vehicle is 4-6 weeks.

  1. Purchase your VW Crafter, including all necessary special equipment codes, from the VW dealer of your choice.
  2. Purchase the desired 4x4 conversion from us.
  3. The base vehicle you have ordered will be delivered to the Oberaigner works in Rostock-Laage and will be converted.
  4. Your Crafter 4x4 will be delivered to your VW dealer and then delivered to you from there

Our Spare Parts Portal contains the all-wheel drive operating instructions for new vehicles of the current model range from the specific vehicle manufacturers.

For used vehicles, it may be that a different/older version of the operating instructions listed here is applicable. 
All available versions can be seen at: